Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II


25th November 1945


Just a line to let you know that all is well with me.

The parade on Friday went off well. There were mistakes but in view of the fact that we have one of these only once in three months so we don’t get much practice, it went off well.

Yesterday I went to Bowmans to see what they’d got—oh, a terribly poor show. But I did get you something—a Christmas present for you—but I’m not telling what it will have to wait till I come down on my holiday. I’ll have to do it that way so that you won’t have to carry it back home.

No, it wasn’t a lamp standard or a shade. I wasn’t satisfied with them. I did, however, se a standard just like ours. But it was painted a royal blue with a blue shade and it looked quite good. Do you like the idea?

We have just been phoning you and it was lovely to hear your voice my sweetgheaet but as I said the motto is: “A week on Saturday.”

So bear up my honey, twelve days shall we say?

And now let me stick down a few reminders:

  1. The film in my camera to be developed and prinrted
  2. The Auto Car magazine from Coxes
  3. David’s negatives and those left in the dark room and the ones I took on my disembarkation leave.

I have an idea that I may be able to get good enlargements made of  the ones I took.

I’ve got the name of a book that my dad might like from the minister who preached tonight. He was a jolly good chap and it was one of the best sermons I have heard for a long time.

Thank you very much for sending my pen along sweetheart and the price lists. As regards the letter I still haven’t an up-to-date price list from Taylor’s. The one he sent was dated 1935 so will you write to them again please my sweet.

All for now my sweetheart and I do love you and long to live with you and Anthony again but it can’t be much longer now and in the meantime all my love is yours and Anthony’s.

Take great care of yourselves

And I’m still your very own,

Johnnnie xxxx

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