Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

Same as usual

21st February 1946


              Good news indeed—I am to be released on Tuesday 26th March. 25 group is commencing on the 14th as was originally suggested.

If I can manage it I’ll stay on in London until Thursday so that I can attend one more Refraction Hospital lecture.

It was nice to hear your voice last night and I really didn’t mean to be rude but it was rather like getting a telegram, I thought that there was trouble and I wanted to know what it was straight away. So I hope that I’m forgiven sweetheart.

At 6.30 am this morning I heard a furtive tap at my window and when I looked out there was Maurice. He came in and had a wash and breakfast with me and then I went up to St Johns Wood station with him and even then I caught mty usual train from Charing Cross.

He seems very well and looking forward to coming down to Minehead. He’ll then shoot off to Bournemouth.

I had another long talk with Stephen last night but that can wait till I see you.

Oh darling I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and perhaps I won’t have to say Godbye to you for many years, perhaps not a serious Goodbye at all.

Till I can prove it all my love is yours my sweetheart, to forgetting Anthony.

Always your own sweetheart,

Johnnie xxxx

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