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16th February 1946

My Darling,

My mind is just full up but I do so want to talk to you. I can’t write—and here is my class so I’ll have to stop for now.

You see I’ve been to see Mr.Aitcheson about this deal of partnership. He read it through and said that it was a proper document and as far as he could Cranmers or Pickfords had sacrificed their right to pass the business on to John Pickford by not obeying the clause of the document. But then the document is very badly drawn up. It’s vague where it should be explicit and detailed here it doesn’t matter.

Stephen is looking into the document for me as I want to know if possible where I stand. But even if I found that I was within my rights to fore them out I couldn’t do it.

However, I’m getting to know as much about my position as possible and then I shall talk things over with you and we’ll decide our line of action.

This slackening off of the business is most interesting and makes one realise that the “Indian Summer” of the war in Minehead is over.

As a matter of fact I’m at Orchard Close at this moment. I spent the night here—ok, Dave and Stephen were here as well, and so this is Sunday morning and I’m trying to finish this letter off to you. Any moment now Steve is going to cross examine me about this deed.

On Friday night I went out with your parents and took them to the Gaunt. I wanted to see “Brief Encounter” and it was one of the nicest flicks I’ve seen and I shall take you to see it at the first opportunity. Your mother was very fidgety all the way through but as it all ended well she decided that it was a good picture.

It’s a beautiful morning Darling: sunshine, fresh air and good company. I hope I have some weeks like this on leave. I’m so looking forward to some walks and cycle rides with you.

I got up and made the tea at 8.30 this morning. I doubt if I shall do as well next Sunday as bed has singular attractions when your head is on the pillow next to mine. However I gather our son has “laid on” tea, did he say what time?

Well, Darling. Steve is bursting to get to work sp I’ll stop now.

All my love is yours my darling and until I can prove it, take care of yourselves and tell Anthony I’lll soon be home.

And your very own,

Johnnie xxxx

PS Just heard from maurine: he will come down with me on the 23rd. 

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