Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II


Saturday 28th April 1945

It’s going to be mainly officers on this trip and the accommodation is very cramped, no cabins, just decks filled with folding bunks. The GR’s that are on this ship are staff and seem to like the job. They get the same food and accommodation as us and pay for duties.

Note: GR’s = possibly Gurkha Regiment?

Friday 27th April 1945

We left Deolali at 8am in a pukka troop team and it was not at all bad. Got off the train at 4.30. By looking after others and not myself I was at the back of the queue. I got on board about 7.30 and just got some grub.

The boredom John and others felt at the Deolali British Army transit camp gave rise to the expression “going Doolally”, originally “doolally tap”, meaning to ‘lose one′s mind’. ‘Tap’ possibly comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tapa’ meaning ‘heat’ or ‘fever’.


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