Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

5th February 1946

My Darling Janie,

Excuse the nice paper and pencil but as you said to me perhaps this is better than nothing.





And now before I forge it some instructions:

  1. Please get my two most reasonable suits cleaned. I can see nothing at present that I would dream of buying so I’ll just have to manage for the time being.
  2. I shall need a new back tyre ad inner tube for my bicycle and you’d better get me a few spokes as well. I seem to remember some of them have gone west.

I was on night duty last night. Nothing in particular happened except of course I didn’t get to bed till twelve thirty so I’m feeling a bit sleepy this afternoon.

You know Darling I’ve simply lost all enthusiasm for this place now and I just want to get out and get on with the next job—something constructive, a real job, not just killing time. I’m just at sixes and sevens and am getting very little swatting done. Ross is back now and so a lot of talking is done and tis all wastes time and when I think I’m wasting time I get cross.

My litt;e watch is giving me great satisfaction and it goes beautifully. I do hope that you will like the look of it.

Russell may be alone for the day on Saturday and I expect I shall go to Edgware onSunday. I get  such grand arguments with Dave and Steve and the air is rather easier to breathe up there. I hope to have a bit of a walk as well.

By the way some of the snaps that were taken by Stephen’s camera when we went out in the car with them last summer have turned out fairly well and I have requested the negatives so that I can get some prints done for us. I look the usual unlovable creature but you look quite delightful in some of them.

Well Snooky my dear I think that’s all for now.

Oh, yes, there is one other thing. I’ve had a chit from the banking agents to say that India admit an error of £40 in the contested debit balance which amounts to the fact that they have agreed to one of the paragraphs in my “notice of objection” . To the rest of the letter there is no reply. So I dropped a line to the bankers acknowledging the letter and asking them to confirm that they would not stop any of my money until this affair was straightened up.

Well, I think that is all sweetheart.

All my love is ours and until I can prove it to yu again take great care of yourself and Anthony

Your very own,

Johnnie xxxx

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John's wife

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First son of John and Janie

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