Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

Same again

2nd February 1946 

My Darling,

Just to say alone I did it! As I said on Wednesday I went toSelfridges and saw nothing I liked, Pendleburys had but I was too late to get in.

On Friday morning I got off at Oxford Circus and walked along New Oxford Street, round Peter Robinson and Bourne and Hollingsworth. It was 8am and I had to content myself with looking in the windows and saw nothing at all and got to Charing Cross at 8.20am.

So I decided that the only thing to do was to get the 11.40 from Woolwich on Saturday morning This I did.

I arrived at 12.25 and started off with a further reconnaissance of Peter Robinson. This was unsatisfactory so I followed up with a full fronytsl attack on Bourne and Hollingsworth and after negotiating the moving staircase came abreast of the pyjama counter.

Well, they hauled me out one or two pairs but my eyes had already lighted on their creations and after a little persuasion they produced them. No sooner had they ben produced than a queue started to form on my left s I produced my money before I lost them. Now I’m fervently saying my prayers and hoping I didn’t waste eight coupons. My lady, your commendation is urgently sought so that I may again indulge in a night’s sleep.

The hankies I take no responsibility for whatever.

By the way, these pyjamas are to wear now not to keep till I get home. I am looking forward to seeing you wearing them for me and with that colour they should keep me warm as well. 

Your mother says—

  1. Shall she send on Anthony’s shoes as soon as they are done?
  2. She will send on some starch in a day or two
  3. Just found Anthony’s vest, it is enclosed

I asked at the office how soon I would be demobbed after the 24th and the old chap (Mr.Mortimer) said as soon as you like as long as the colonel agrees so I should get away that weekend, I have provisionally arranged t have my medical before I go on leave so that does not hold me up. It would seem that I can get my kit at Olympia or Taunton—which do you think my dear?

So glad that Anthony is on the mend, I knew he’d be all right with you. I’m enclosing letters from my Dad and from Russell.

The Indian letter was from Diana’s father thanking me for the subscription ti the club that I owed. He says Mrs.Franklyn has been ill. He speaks of Diana’ troubles, says it was due to booze. Apparently they are all coming home in mArch. The other letter was fro, one of my chaps and I haven’t read it yet ass I’m hurrying with this letter.

It’s too late for the parcel now so I’ll send it under separate cover so that yu get this on Monday morning. I’ll put another note in with the pyjamas so you’ll win on the deal.

All my love to you and Anthony my darling.

Take great care because I love you so.

Your one and only,

Johnnie xxxx

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