Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II


29th November 1945

Darling Janie,

Just a line to say that all is well and I’ll push off with a few questions. 

I want to get the other record of the Moonlight Sonata and I’m not sure if the pianist is Paderowski? And the other chap with an even less spell-able name, so can I have name and record number?

If there are some Christmas presents you want me to get will you please let me know what I am to get. I don’t like shopping without you one bit.

What record did you want me to get for Anthony? You mentioned something but I’ve quite forgotten what.

I notice that there is “Alice in Wonderland” available, about four 12” records at a time with all sorts of stars playing the parts and singing. There are two sets up to date.

We now have a handicrafts class and I have asked them to make me one of those Tommy guns for Anthony for Christmas. Besides that, in the New Year, the NCO in charge says he will be able to knock me up an ironing board for you. He says the one he made for his little girl can stand the weight of both his children so if made on the same lines yours should be robust.

I got a few bits for Anthony’s stocking and the glider I’m making is getting on quite well—in this connection do you think you could get hold of some catapult rubber for launching the thing. 

Yesterday after you phoned we discovered a Meccano aeroplane of Russell’s and I’ve built it up and I suggest he may get that as a present. There is also a cheap train set which I shall have a chat with Russell about. The stuff has been well kept and with just a bit of vetting is good as new and nowadays quite unobtainable.

All would seem to be ok for Saturday week. Captain Stevenson wanted the same date and it looked for a moment as if I might have to move. The Guard rota has now come through and I’m on duty Tuesday so Saturday and Sunday are free.

I’ve made up my mind on the price business bit the stuff can wait till I get down on my holiday.

Isn’t it marvellous, we might even be together for nearly a month. As for Christmas it seems as anticipated we shall finish Saturday midday till Thursday morning. Of course, I’m almost bound to have a guard duty during that period.

All my love is yours my darling and Anthony’s.

“Tomorrow week”.

Your very own,

Johnnie xxxx

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John's wife

johnfinal.jpgAnthony Askew
First son of John and Janie

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