Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

26th January 1946

My Darling Janie,

Well, thus is Saturday afternoon. Mum and Dad are at the movies but I’ve figured if I went this wouldn’t get written—oh, I’m not beg a martyr I was too lazy to go out and see an indifferent movie.

I have just received a little letter from you darling. I prince on them just like always—I mean even the Auto car magazine had to wait till second so that proves I love you still doesn’t it?

John Westbrook and the next of rage 25’s had a 48 hours’ leave this week and then before you can turn round the 26’s will have gone as weell and mist of my seniors will be gone,

The colonel was involved in a car smash last night and had a cut lip and his mouth was badly lacerated with his false teeth. 

Yes, I can’t imagine why you shouldn’t come back with me t London, can’t see any snags myself—still don’t know where we’re going to go, can’t find anyone who knows Barmouth, or would you prefer it to be Cornwall? Probably safest as it’s the warmest part of this country. Let me know soon if it’s going to be Cornwall as you know plenty of places there already. 

No, I haven’t seen anything in the pyjama line in Woolwich yet. I do however know roughly what I want—oh, what’s that? Well,just mind your own business!

I shot home quickly today and managed to go to Foyles before they closed and spent that 7/6 token and after ferreting about I fund just what I wanted—“The World’s Best Photographs” — well marked down in price because the cover was so faded—its new  price must have been about a pound and 7/6 did the trick! There is some wonderful stuff in it just asking to be copied—which is after all my usual; method. I noticed that films and paper are coming off the restricted list. I should be able to get on with my Indian pictures.

I found that I had a full-blooded engraver in the Instrument shop so I got him to put my initials on the back of my watch and it really looks quite good.

I hope darling that you’ll go and see Dr.Bain about your hands so that you may get some treatment for them.

Since I stopped this letter I have written to Auntie Edie, giving an invitation for the summer; to Diana sending the money for those undies; and to Cyril. I haven’t really stopped since 4pm and I want to try and get some more done before your parents get back and it’s 7.30pm now.

So I’ll close this letter by saying how much I love you my sweetheart and miss you. Coming home in the evening is almost meaningless when your head isn’t resting on my shoulder and your body nestling close to mine. No lover there to make me feel romantic or to join in the pleasures of married life with me.

All my love is yours my darling and until I can again prove as much take great care of yourself and Anthony.

And I’m your very own.

Johnnnie xxxx

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