Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

Same as usual
22nd January 1946


I’m sending these forms back to you ‘duly completed’. You’ll be interested to know that your mother has also received one. I must admit that I hardly get the drift of the document. It doesn’t seem to ask many questions such as
why you have no more children
Why you were not married younger
From a population angle that is what they want to know and I’m sure they can’t draw any conclusions from these forms.
The person who comes around may ask questions: answer them as far as you can.
I am now wearing the watch I told you about. It isn’t brand new but it wasn’t used much. It has a vey nice looking movement, 15 jewel and all that sort of thing. My chap has stripped it and cleaned it.
It has gold scroll type numerals and is fitted in a silver shockproof and warrproof case and a pig skin strap. I think I’ve got good value.
So long Darling I’ll write again later but I want to get this off.
All my love is yours and Anthony’s.
Your own,
Johnnie xxxx

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First son of John and Janie

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