Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

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21st January 1946

My Darling Janie,

Taking everything into consideration it’s been quite pleasant this weekend. On Saturday I had lunch at the Mess after which I ambled gently home but on reaching Marylebone I was seized with the desire to take a hot bath. So I toddled up to the public baths place and had a good hot six pen’eth and I felt much better.

Then I went along the Edgware Road in order to buy some cake and pasties. Just outside Wharcncliffe I met Russell and I felt much better still and I detailed him for cooking ‘fatigue’.

Well, they went out to the movies and I stayed home as it was the flick we had seen together and it was then that I rang you. Goodness, wasn’t it a poor line.

Of course, I lit the fire as soon as I got in as that flat seems to get cold cold very quickly. Russell and your dad were saying that as long as the boiler is going at King Geirge Road the whole house will keep warm. Anyway, your father (Chief Stoker) banked the fire up before he went to bed and I was abe to catch it in the morning.

Russell and I gt he lunch. I also cleaned the floor, fireplace ad so on, I also spent most of the afternoon tidying up our room and of course, being me, I altered things around the place to be resectable for when your mother comes back.

Well, as Russell and I got lunch at 1.45 prompt your father insisted on clearing and washing up. I stowed the table out of the way and he gathered the chairs around the fire and later we had tea on the card table.

We all went to service in the evening and dragged David home with us. So your father and I cleared up and settled down to listen to the radio.

I hope this detailed description doesn’t bore you but it’s so difficult to find things to write about apart from saying ho cold it is and things like that.

I was relieved to find you didn’t mind about the watch. I haven’t received the new one yet and it might of course fall through. I’m told this watch chappie that he must be thoroughly satisfied with the watch before he buys. I shall not know if he has been successful until tomorrow. It should however have a 15 jewel swiss movement, which sounds ok and I thought the chance of having the watch selected by a chap who has proved to me that he is a god watchmaker was not to be missed.

What a day it is today. It’s getting darker and darker although it isn’t lunchtime yet. The pipes have burst and one of the shops is without heat.

Please don’t forget David’s negatives besides those that are at the back of the shop. The ones that I cut up ad brought home are nowhere to be found about here and I wondered if by any chance the were at home. I do wish that you’d have a look my love.

All for now sweetheart 

Chins up, only 52 more days and even less to my leave.

All my love is yours and Anthony’s 

Take great care of yourselves.

Your very own,

Johnnie xxxx

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