Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

My Darling,

Thanks for the phone call. Please excuse me sitting on your ideas. You know how self-opinionated I am, but I do think I’ve got it right.

I feel that by far the most important part of our scheme is a suitable letter from Dr.Bain.

Should he, and it’s like him if he feels like it, insist that he won’t write any letters unless you live in London, then so be it and we’ll have to make arrangements about the business.

Of course I can’t be certain that our ideas will come off but I shall do my best and I feel that I’m in the right.

Goodnight sweetheart,

I love you,

John xxxx

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johnfinal.jpgJanie Askew

John's wife

johnfinal.jpgAnthony Askew
First son of John and Janie

johnfinal.jpgRussell Barker Janie's Brother
johnfinal.jpgGirlie Askew

John's younger sister

johnfinal.jpgMaurice Askew

John's younger Brother

johnfinal.jpgStephen Barker

Janie's Cousin

johnfinal.jpgEvelyn Barker

Stephen Barker's wife

davidfinal.jpgDavid Barker

Janie's cousin

freda.jpgFreda Cobley

Janie's cousin