Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

As usual again

11th February 1946

My Darling Janie

Boy, I did enjoy my weekend. Short but very sweet and that’s an apt description for you as well. What a lot of blurb this is but all I’m trotting to say is Darling that I did enjoy myself. It’s wonderful to m sweet that you are ready to be so frivolous and enticing and on the other hand you can just as easily be practical and sensible. Being the right thing at the right time is an art.

I was impressed Darling with your new hold on your handsome infant. Good show Darling.

Now with regard to the letting of the flat. You have told me tat before taking the house at 45 King George Road you ask Charles Pickford if it would be in order to re-let the flat to help against the extra cost of the house. He, you said, replied to the effect that such an arrangement would be ok. Well, DArlog, I can’t find that letter among the ones yo gave me last time I was home in December. So would you be so good as to have  look around. It doesn’t make a great deal of difference to the situation as they have agreed t the present arrangement until my demobilisation. but it would definitely put me “in the right” if you see what I man.

I had a very good journey back in a carriage wit three other occupants and the train running on time so I arrived back home very little the worse the wear and also before your parens name home from the evening church service.

Well, my darling, thank you again for a simply lovely time.

All my love is yours Snooky and our little boy’s.

Take great care and I’m your very own,

Johnnie xxxx

NOTE: I have pleasure in informing you that my leave has been granted: 25th February to 5th March as originally requested. The demob date of March 14th is still unofficia. This date has still not been published. “Jock” Henderson was in the same boat as I am with regard to leave and after making a lot of official enquiries he discovered that the order disallowing leave had been cancelled and that the demob date of March 14th was unofficial, hence the rule didmc apply.

So I shall be down the evening of the 23rd as arranged I hope, although after all this confusion and mess anything might happen s expect me when you see me.

Your own,

Johnnie xxxx (Extras for luck) 

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