Letters, diaries and photographs from World War II

Sunday 22nd April 1945

Nothing happens as normal. This is the last day of arrivals. Perhaps something will start happening.

Getting browned off slightly with seeing so many officers I think and having so little to do.

The boredom John and others felt at the Deolali British Army transit camp gives rise to the expression “Going Doolally”, originally “doolally tap”, meaning to ‘lose one′s mind’. ‘Tap’ possibly comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tapa’ meaning ‘heat’ or ‘fever’.

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johnfinal.jpgJanie Askew

John's wife

johnfinal.jpgAnthony Askew
First son of John and Janie

johnfinal.jpgRussell Barker Janie's Brother
johnfinal.jpgGirlie Askew

John's younger sister

johnfinal.jpgMaurice Askew

John's younger Brother

johnfinal.jpgStephen Barker

Janie's Cousin

johnfinal.jpgEvelyn Barker

Stephen Barker's wife

davidfinal.jpgDavid Barker

Janie's cousin

freda.jpgFreda Cobley

Janie's cousin